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09/09/12 11:48 AM #6    


Donna Sharp (Rollins)

It will be good to see everybody.  Wish I could remember everyone's name!!!

09/09/12 06:23 PM #7    


Margaret Lovett

I look at the annual and then on the web site to compare the pictures. Once you do that a couple of times you will have it all down.  Just remember we will probably have name tags.  That way we will all get to cheat a little. :-)  Can't wait to see you Donna.


09/09/12 07:40 PM #8    


Kathy Woods (Dowdy)

Yes, we will have nametags!  Also, we plan to have our senior pictures on the nametags at least for Saturday night. That will help us all remember and recognize each other.  It isn't long now until the reunion and we are really looking forward to seeing everyone.  Good to hear from you Donna.

09/23/12 09:44 PM #9    

Steve Roquemore

I really regret that I'm not going to be able to be there. I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm working in Whiting, Indiana at the BP plant up here and staying in Lansing, Illinois. I would enjoy hearing from all of you. My phone number is on the site.

09/23/12 10:07 PM #10    


Rob Trimble

Steve, you will be missed. Maybe next time. 

09/24/12 07:07 AM #11    


Sandra Sharpe (Alford)

Sorry you can't be with us!! You will be missed! Take care and stay safe!

09/24/12 08:50 PM #12    


Margaret Lovett

We will miss you Steve! I know how works take you away, though. Be safe and maybe next time.


09/24/12 09:34 PM #13    


Kathy Woods (Dowdy)

Steve, sorry that you can't come to the reunion. We will miss you. Surely we will plan to have another one at least for our 50th. It's hard to believe it has been such a long time since we left CHS. Stay in touch.

09/30/12 01:36 PM #14    


Rob Trimble


Well the 45 Year Reunion is now history and I think the vast majority would fully agree that this was a great weekend. Lots and lots of pictures were taken, SO-- please go thru your pictures and pick out the best ones and e-mail or regular mail them to me. I plan to add a reunion section to the video so I really need your help since I didn't take any pics myself. I will also assume that any picture you send me is OK to post on the website and with Kathy and Rick's help will get a reunion section up on the website for all to see. I had so many folks tell me that this was better than they ever thought it could be, I can only agree. Thanks to Loretta and Sandra and their entire team for getting old friends back together


PLEASE Send your pictures to



Rob Trimble

10254 CR2173

Whitehouse,TX 75791


09/30/12 07:01 PM #15    


Margaret Lovett

Rob, I agree with you. This was the best reunion ever. Thank you for all the work you did in putting the video together. It was absolutely the best. You were awesome as emcee, too. Thank you for your hard work! It was terrific seeing everyone and laughing so much. I wish everyone would have come! Maybe next time and I hope that will not be so long away!


09/30/12 08:14 PM #16    


Sandra Sharpe (Alford)

Rob words cannot express my appreciation for all you did to make our reunion such a success! The video and your program was absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much to you and Suzy also!! I will send you some of my pictures!!
Thanks again!

09/30/12 09:15 PM #17    

Peggy Pierce (Anderson)

You are all right. Words can't express how great it was and what an amazing job all of you did to make it happen.

09/30/12 09:22 PM #18    


Jerrilyne Marshall (Roberson)

Wow!!  What a reunion!  The best ever! 

Loretta and Sandra, thank you so much for getting it going!  You girls are awesome!  Rob, the program and video and prizes were so good!  I told Steve we had the best emcee of any class!

Johnny, your tailgate was terrific!  The meats were awesome.....thanks to you, Mike, and the rest of your crew!  We really missed you last night!  Many helped with this........thank you!!

Ricky and Kathy, you were the backbone in getting this website going, doing nametags, and so much more!

Decorations committee.......thank you!!  Popcorn Place, Carthage Country Club (Judy)......wonderful venue! Thank you again, Dean and Kay!  And, Suzy and Rob!

The food from Bill's was great!  Whoever ordered that knew what they were doing!

I had an awesome time, and loved seeing and visiting with everyone!  I just wish I'd had more time to catch up with many who were there.  Thank you to those who drove and flew long distances to be here.  If you missed it, YOU MISSED IT!! 

I know we will enjoy all the pictures to follow! 

Love to all!  Jerrilyne


09/30/12 10:38 PM #19    


Kathy Woods (Dowdy)


Wow, where to start?  First of all, I will say "ditto" to the comments of everyone else.  When we first met six months ago, I don't think that any of us thought we could be so excited about a class reunion.  The more we met, talked, planned, etc., the more excited we all got.  This weekend has been something that we will never forget.
Rob ~ Let me add a huge "Thank You" from Rick and I too. You did an wonderful job as Emcee.  The video was awesome and I know that took many hours to create. Thank you for doing that for all of us and also thanks to Suzy for her help.
Loretta and Sandra ~ Your leadership was outstanding!  Thank you for keeping us on track and for your tireless efforts to make our reunion such a great success. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Loretta, we were so sad that you didn't feel up to coming on Saturday night. We missed getting to see you and thank you in person. By the way, your desserts were delicious.
Johnny ~ We missed you too on Saturday night and hope that you are getting some rest. The brisket, chicken, etc., were absolutely delicious!!! Thank you for providing all of the meat - you really outdid yourself there! Also, many thanks to you and your helpers for the time you put into cooking everything.
To all other Committee Members ~ Thanks to each one of you for the part you played in preparation for this reunion.  I think we make a pretty good team!
It is hard to believe it is over and it is kind of sad. However, on the other hand, we all have wonderful memories of this 45th Class Reunion and will look forward to the next time we get together.
We are glad that you are all enjoying the class website and it was our pleasure to get it going.  Everyone, please keep posting pictures of you and your families. That's what will make this website a success and enjoyment for all. Between Rob and us, we will definitely keep the website active. 
We love all of you and will miss you; but we will look forward to keeping in touch through this website and Facebook.  Til we meet again...
May God Bless You,
Rick and Kathy

10/06/12 02:54 PM #20    


Eric Joffrion

Dittos to all of the above.  Am really looking forward to the 50th.

Got a surprise yesterday at my antiques mall here in Coleman.  I heard the door buzzer and looked up to see Pat Browning and Ben Thomas walking in to the store.

They both said they wished they had known about the reunion, they would have crashed the party to see many of their old friends.


10/18/12 10:51 PM #21    


Kathy Woods (Dowdy)

Thanks Rob for posting the reunion pics!  Enjoyed looking at all of them and remembering the awesome weekend!  

11/16/12 06:09 PM #22    


Jerrilyne Marshall (Roberson)

I was just checking the website and decided it was a good time to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of our classmates and families.  May it be the best ever!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again before too long!

Love, Jerrilyne

11/16/12 09:06 PM #23    


Judy Shumate (Lee)

I just wanted to say "Happy Thanksgiving.."     I know if you are like me we all have more to be thankful for than not.  God has been better to me than I deserve.  I hope each one of you have a blessed day of thanksgiving.  May God bless and keep each of you. 


11/22/12 08:22 AM #24    


Donna Sharp (Rollins)

Have a happy blessed day wherever you all are.  I loved seeing everyone.  I will be able to be kin Carthage today at my sister Pam'sGod bless all, even if it has to be throurg tears.

11/15/13 10:23 AM #25    


Margaret Lovett

Happy birthday Debbie Chandler Mauritzen! Hoping you have a great day! Welcome to the 65 club! Loveya


11/19/13 10:53 AM #26    


Margaret Lovett

Happy birthday   Marilyn Robinson !!!! Hope you have a great day my friend! Love u, Margaret 

07/15/17 06:39 PM #27    

Bill Stovall

To All

As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee in the barn over looking the pasture and cows, I am reflecting on my twin brother “BOB” and how heaven will never be the same. As St Peter sees him approaching in a distance to the gates of Heaven, Peter will swing the gates open widely for Bob will come walking through on his hands, asking “Where's the brownies”. That’s Bob, always happy, love for family and friends.

I will look more closely at those traits and how he did that so well, and in doing so will honor his memory imitating his love for others, his happiness, and his dedication to his beliefs.

I will miss him every day.

Happy Birthday Bob.

Blessings and Love


07/16/17 01:40 PM #28    

Susan Tatum (Edge)

Such sweet words, Bill.  May you find peace in this difficult time.

07/16/17 07:00 PM #29    

Deborah Chandler (Mauritzen)

Bill, I know how close ya'll were and I am so very sorry for your loss. We will all be together again someday. If Ted and I can be of any help let us know.

07/17/17 06:45 AM #30    

Dianne Keeling (Briery)

I am praying for peace for all Bob's loved ones.  He was truly a special guy!


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